Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Our wild & wacky Wednesday

Twas the day before Christmas Eve
And all through our home
The kids were quite wild
As from room to room they did roam

Anthony ran to the master bedroom
And as he ran he did fall
He hit his head on the nightstand
Then threatened to bleed on us all

Joey made himself at home
In my great big bed
With visions of beating Aunt Pat in farkle
Dancing in his head

Just one more day until we leave
To visit Gramma & Pops
I hope I can make it
Until in their driveway the van stops

For once we make it there
Someone else can listen to the kids say
"I want to open my presents
And I want to open them today!"

1 comment:

Aunt Pat said...

the boys look so handsome with their new haircuts.