Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gingerbread houses

Here are some pictures of the mini gingerbread village we did at my Momma & Daddy's house this past weekend. First, here are the examples on the front of the box.
Beautiful huh? Yeah, well, here are the actual houses. We'll start with the 3 houses that Mike, Gina, & Anthony made.
It just doesn't get any prettier than that does it? They really were harder than expected, plus Anthony, well, he's a special kind of help. The ones below were made by me & Joey.
It's much easier to work with a 7 year old than a 3 year old. What you can't see is how the back wall of the shorter house is bowed outward. We all had fun, though, and that was the point. Definitely worth the $10. Maybe one day I'll be able to make a house as beautiful as the box, but until then me and the kids will continue having fun making our little shacks.

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Aunt Pat said...

I think y'all's houses are beautiful. You know, there are some homeless people who would love to live in one of your houses.