Thursday, December 24, 2009

We made it!

We finally made it to St Francisville after much bickering in the van over what movie the boys were gonna watch. Since they absolutely couldn't wait to open presents, they got to open a few early. Pops said they could open a present an hour. Of course this didn't apply to the grown ups, but that's okay. The first time they each got Legos.
It took less than an hour to get them all put together, then they were asking for their next present! They enjoyed the slinkies, the puzzles, the matchbox cars, the foam t-ball set, the soccer ball, and especially the kazoos. Then Pops & Gramma let Anthony open his outside present -- a bike.
He loves his new bike! Momma gave the boys each a bicycle horn, so we'll have to attach Anthony's to his new bike. The kids let me open one of my presents early. It's a gorgeous laptop bag. Not your ordinary black case, either. It's brown, yellow, and red and absolutely perfect. We're getting ready to eat some homemade pizzas for dinner along with lots of other goodies we've been snacking on. I've gotta let Joey play Farkle on Facebook now, but I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas Eve!


Aunt Pat said...

totally awesome! he'll be riding without training wheels in no time.

David said...

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