Sunday, January 3, 2010

Making Meatballs

It's a freezing cold Sunday here in northern Louisiana. I do not like cold weather! Anthony asked his daddy for some meatballs, so they decided to cook some. Anthony is helping his daddy with his favorite food today.
Jason learned to make homemade meatballs from his Mawmaw, who passed away last year. This meal is very special to him now as he reminisces while he cooks.

Anthony really liked getting to help daddy roll out the meatballs. After that they worked on making the homemade sauce. Maybe Anthony will be a great cook like his daddy when he grows up.

Isn't he just precious! Joey has no interest whatsoever in meatballs--not cooking or eating them. He's trying to defeat his new DS game right now--Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. I hope yall have a great Sunday.

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Christina said...

awww what a sweet thing to do! I love that while doing something fun you create and recall memories. What a great way to capture it!