Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hey yall. Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year! You know it wouldn't really be me if it wasn't late. I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. We had a blast New Year's Eve. Jason got a Blu Ray player for Christmas that will play streaming videos, so we watched You Tube videos on the tv. Joey's favorite is "Funny Cats" but we all laughed until we cried watching the Bill Dance fishing bloopers. They were awesome. The boys stayed up until 10:30pm and for the first time ever, actually slept until 9:30am Friday! Yesterday we worked on cleaning and organizing more stuff in the house, then went to Pizza Hut for dinner.

Ok, so I guess I should share some New Year's Resolutions. I've thought about it a little, and I really think I need to build some flexibility into them. For example, I'd like to say I will exercise every day, but with next week's work schedule, that's not gonna happen. I'll be working late every day plus I'll be working Saturday. I don't really think I'll have the time to exercise. So keeping that in mind, here's my list for 2010.
1. Spend more time with the family. In 2009, I skipped out on a LOT of family time. I need to put into practice the fact that it's not all about me.
2. It's kinda hard to continue this list with wild kids jumping on me. Maybe I'll continue it later, or maybe not. Remember--it's all about the flexibility!

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