Monday, January 11, 2010

Wine, anyone?

Here is another Sunday evening project. One of the girls at work told me she wanted to use this empty win bottle to keep dishwashing detergent in by her sink. She loves fleur-de-lis and has them all over her house, so she asked if I would try etching one on the bottle.

Now all she needs to do is fill it up and put a cork in it. I think this is a very cute idea. She mentioned she had a lot of empty wine bottles, so maybe she'll share a few with me. If not, I guess I could just buy a few pretty ones and drink them empty. Ok, so that was a joke, but I'm sure she'll share. This bottle was the 6th thing I etched this year. The first 4 were fleur de lis on square containers and the 5th was the trifle bowl I showed you yesterday. I'm getting a little tired of taking pictures of fleur de lis stuff over and over, so I don't have any pictures of the 4 square containers, but I'm sure you can imagine what they look like (if you even want to). I'm hoping work is a little easier this week so I can make some stuff and share it. Actually, I hope work is a lot easier this week because last week was way too hard. Too much brain power required. So if you don't see anything for a few days, cut me a little slack, ok? I'll do my best to entertain, but sometimes I just need some sleep!

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Christina said...

I like that idea, I also have heard of people using oil and vinager salad drippers. I am sure there is a technical name for it but I can't remember it.