Saturday, August 20, 2011

Anna Catherine's wall hanging

I just can't say enough about - the best website in the whole world! I have found so much inspiration there & for once I'm actually following through with the ideas. The last few days the boys & I worked together using this inspiration to make the wall hanging below.I am so in love with how it turned out. Here are a couple more views so you can see the detail on the letters. We used scraps of paper glued on to cardboard-type letters that I cut out myself (after tracing them of course). I used modge-podge over the paper when we finished.

I cut Catherine out of pink vinyl with my Cricut & decided to dot the i with a double layer flower topped with a button. Below you can see Anthony helping out when we started. He painted the letters with acrylic paint in case there were any gaps in the paper. I didn't want the kraft brown to show through.
I told him he had his undershirt on backwards, but he said it really didn't matter. He glued scraps of paper on 2 of the letters, Joey did 1 letter, and I did the last letter (and went back & patched gaps on theirs). To me it's even more special since we all worked on together. Anthony saw it finished & was a little disappointed we didn't put buttons all over ANNA, but I like it just how it is.

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Aunt Pat said...

Precious! Can't wait for her to see it.