Friday, August 26, 2011

Treasure Bags

Hey guys & girls. Tonight I've got pictures of 2 of the little boy treasure bags I made the other day. These were made for Anthony & Gabriel with leftover pieces from their nap mat covers that Momma made. First up is Anthony's. He chose camo fabric.
Now, Anthony being the child he is decided he didn't want a bag with ribbon, even if it was black ribbon. He was wanting a little bag he could keep his very small stuffed puppy in at night so he wouldn't lose it. I ended up making a much smaller bag (maybe 3 inches x 4 inches) with dark brown bias tape instead of ribbon. He loves it & it's in the bed with him now.
Next up is Gabe's bag. He just turned 4 & loves his nap mat cover, so for part of his birthday gift I made him the bag out of his leftover Toy Story fabric.His party is tomorrow, so I'll know then how he likes his bag. Hopefully he will love it. Little boys always need somewhere to stash their treasure!

Thanks for checking out my treasure bags! They were so quick & easy and definitely fun. Just the kind of project I love to make :)

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