Saturday, August 20, 2011

Good Behavior Incentive Game

My friend Christy devised a little incentive for her son Trent the other day. I paired her idea along with another idea I found & came up with a little board game for the boys to play. We kinda named it Roubique Monopoly, but then I used Scrabble pieces too, so it's just a mixture of board games. The rules are printed on the board, but basically the boys get 2 rolls of a die each day to earn incentives (shown in the picture squares). They can lose a roll for whining, etc as printed in the rule section. The green squares are just blank & don't have an incentive.
The prizes or incentives are 15 additional minutes of Wii, computer, DS, or iPod time, 15 minutes of Momma time, a fruit rollup, 50 cents, 1 dollar, a piece of candy, 2 pieces of candy, a Redbox rental, & playing a board game.
I made the game pieces with a paper clip & a Scrabble sticker with a J for Joey & an A for Anthony. Today was our first day & Joey lost a roll. They both seem to really enjoy the game, so hopefully we can keep it up a little while.
Joey really thinks we should sell this game to other parents having trouble with their children. I just laughed & told him we didn't need to mass produce right now.


Aunt Pat said...

I wish I had this when your cousins were little!

Cristie said...

Hmmm - I think I like this. Let me know how this works after a while. I may have to try this out as well!