Monday, August 8, 2011

Watermelon bib

Hey bloggy friends! I'm back, but with ulterior motives...I want to list some stuff for sale on Etsy, but have to put the pictures on my blog or facebook first, then save them back down so they'll be small enough to Etsy. Anyway, first up I've got a watermelon bib I made.

I love watermelons. I'm gonna have to make one of these for Anna Catherine. This one has small light pink gingham for the main part of the watermelon.

Here's a picture of the back--a pretty solid green. I used hot pink bias tape to make the straps that tie in the back to hold the bib around a sweet little baby neck.

To make the watermelon seeds I used black buttons. I think this turned out super cute. What do you think? Hopefully someone shopping on Etsy will find it irresistable!


Cristie said...

I love this bib! You are doing awesome!

Christina said...

I would love this bib if I knew of anyone with a baby!