Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Aunt Pat!

Today is Aunt Pat's birthday! The day started out with Joey's football game at 10am. Aunt Pat and family surprised us by coming to the game. We were planning on meeting them up here after the game for her birthday lunch, but they came early. Here are a few pics of my football boys.

Here is Joey in action. I realize he is on the sidelines and this is not during the game, but that's the only time he actually runs. During the game while he's on the field, he just kinda stands. Sometimes he'll stick an arm out to grab a flag if someone tries to run around him.

Here's little Anthony. He had to wear flag just like the big boys. If Anthony were as big in person as he is in his head, he would probably be a teenager. By the way, we won the game. The score was either 25-6 or 26-6, depending on who you asked. (Joey said 25-6, but since before that it was 20-6, I kinda think he's wrong.)

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