Saturday, September 13, 2008

Welcome Hurricane Ike

The good news on getting just remnants of Hurricane Ike is that the weather is not too severe. The better news is that it started in time to cancel the flag football jamboree! Joey didn't really want to play today anyway. We were all worn out from the company picnic. I have been terribly neglecting some house work, so I really need to get after it while Jason and Anthony are gone grocery shopping. I hope yall are all having a great weekend!


Christina said...

Good to hear we just got a sprinkle and slight wind up in Killeen.

Ed said...

Hello from UK, I just joined the sisterhood - love your blog, your cards are lovely. xx

tess said...

your cards are so awesome! i'm gonna have to do something really great for you so you'll send me a thank you card! ha! just kiddin! my sister-in-law Aimee has a photography business and took the pics of the boys. lots of tire swing pics on my myspace. she lives in that 2-story house at the end of Creole....where you can see our tire swing featured in those pics! check out her website at