Saturday, August 1, 2009

Anthony's Disney book

Since I made Joey's book cover tonight, I decided to go ahead and make Anthony's cover too. He had picked out a blue gingham book and wanted Donald Duck on the front. He actually started with a pink book, but I talked him into picking something else. He also had a hard time deciding on a character, so I figured I better cut out Donald before he changed his mind again. Of course he changed which Donald he wanted several times too, but it's done now.

Since his name was so much longer I couldn't fit it beside Donald, but I still think it turned out good. He certainly liked it, which is all that matters. I gotta get to bed now. Early church will come very early in the morning. Yall have a good night!

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Christina said...

I love the books. I need to get back in craft mode! Your boys crack me up! Their grinns make me giggle.