Monday, August 31, 2009

Etched glasses

This evening I etched on some glasses for me and 2 of the girls at work. The font I used for mine is called Fairytale and it was quite tedious to separate the layers to put on the glass, but completely worth it. Aunt Pat--this is one of the new little dishes I got the other day. Of course in the picture you can't see the base, but it's right under my hand. The other 2 glasses are called roman urns.

This evening the boys were playing outside. They were laying upside down in the driveway and playing rocketship. It was so cute!

Who says kids these days don't have an imagination? They just haven't watched my silly kids. Ok, there is a whole lot of screaming coming from the bathroom where Jason is giving Anthony a bath, so I better go. Not that my sweet little angel would EVER pitch a fit..


Christina said...

Those glasses came out wonderfully! Love the font! Your kids do have an awesome imagination, they often crack me up!

The Banks Family said...

Ok, I'm a HUGE etching fan! I really like that fairytale font!

Anonymous said...

WOW, those glasses really look good and the font you used is good looking!
Debbie N.

Aunt Pat said...

love the font and the kids.