Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Joey's first day of 2nd grade

It's been a busy evening, but I'm here to share the only picture I got of Joey today. The camera lens fogged up a little, but it will have to do.

I had to run out of the house with my hair only half done to get this picture. When he and Lexi got home from school, they were not interested in taking pictures, but were ready to jump on the trampoline. I had to pick up some glasses this evening and get them etched to deliver to the Gingerbread House tomorrow. Sometimes I enjoy the etching more than others. This evening I was really tired and just wanted to visit with Joey a little, so I would have rather done the glasses another time, but I'm glad I've gotten them out of the way so I can get them delivered. I'm going to check out Facebook for a second and then I'm headed to bed. Yall have a good evening!

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Christina said...

AWWW back to school time!