Saturday, August 1, 2009

Joey's Disney book

Hey yall. Joey and I started on his Disney book this evening while Jason and Anthony were gone to Wal-Mart. We did the front cover. He chose Pluto to go on the front because Pluto is a dog and he wants a dog.

I offered to download the Disney font to make his name, but he wanted a regular looking font. I love how this turned out. He helped me decide between 2 shades of yellowish. He had picked this book out at Hobby Lobby a while back when albums were on sale for 50% off. Now that we've taken a picture, I'm gonna go put the protective cover back on.
Earlier today I took pictures in his room. He's been setting up for his birthday next weekend. He's got Mario figurines and Lego creations. Some of the Lego creations are Mario related, but not all of them.
See the big 7 on his tv? That's because he's gonna be 7. He's got support pieces on the bottom so it will stand up.

I'm gonna go try to get some more stuff done before the boys get back. I don't have any Disney pictures printed yet, so I can't really do a whole lot inside the album. Maybe I'll get Anthony's cover done while he's not hovering over me. Yall have a good evening!

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