Saturday, February 13, 2010

Brendan's birthday

Hey yall. This morning the kiddos had a birthday party to go. Joey's best friend Brendan was turning 8 and had his Mario party at the local mini golf's blacklight golf room.

From the left we have Brendan, Cole (his little brother), and Joey. Anthony refused to be in pictures today. I do have a few with him, but he's either got his hand in front of his face or he's channeling Satan with his facial expression.
Here's the card I made Brendan. I'm super proud of how it turned out. I did it all in SCAL 2 this morning. I used some features in SCAL 2 that I had never used before. Maybe I'll learn how to use everything in it before they upgrade to version 3!


Aunt Pat said...

AWESOME must tell me how to do it.

Christina said...

Well happy Belated birthday to Brendan. Awesome card LOL I didn't know they had a SCAL 2 ...I never learned the first one! Well if they upgrade I hope they do it before August I decided in Jan that that's what I am treating myself to for my birthday!