Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Funky clothesline card

Hey yall. Just wanted to share a card I made last night. It uses Stampin' Bella's Funky Clothesline stamp. I swapped images with someone in Canada who sent me this one.

Isn't it cute! I wrote the sentiment, "just thought i'd drop you a line..." since I didn't have a stamp that said anything clever about a clothesline. I love the colors on this. I might try making a few more very similar to this one.
I have a few things to share with yall tonight. Feel free to skip this part if you want.
Happy Things
1 - I got orders for 4 glasses and a canister today.
2 - I might possibly get the chance to make around 100 fleur-de-lis glasses for an event this spring.
3 - My grandmother had surgery on her corroded artery in her neck today and is doing fine.
4 - We have a girl coming to clean our house each week in return for her daughter riding the bus home with Joey in the afternoons. She is the best house cleaner EVER!
5 - Jason is thrilled with the house cleaner so I think we'll get to keep her forever.
Not So Happy Things
1 - Crazy Family Member #1 stressing me out (sorry, can't talk about it)
2 - Crazy Family Member #2 stressing me out (can't talk about this one either, but it's stressing me out more than #1
3 - Mamaw is still very ill
4 - Only 6 comments on my blog candy--where is everybody???
5 - I have a headache (probably where all this complaining is coming from)
Now that I've gotten all that out of the way, I hope yall have a great evening. I'm gonna eat some dinner and price garage sale stuff. Oh yeah, item #6, I HATE garage sales, especially getting ready for one, and we're having one Saturday. I'm very tempted to write random amounts on the stickers and let the kids just stick one on each item...


Diane said...

Hi Jenn, I'm one of your swap bot blog exposure partners. I left you a message on your Jan. 21 post, but I had to just say well done for getting the orders for some glasses. That's a great beginning for you.
All the best

Ashley said...

Well it's been awhile since I've been on here. Sorry about the family member I'm with ya there. Well, call anytime.

Ashley said...

You so have to make me some glasses. That is AWESOME. I love your scrapbooking stuff, I seriously need to hire you to do my wedding one. I'm so serious too. I'm no good at it. You've got some talent!

Ewonne said...

It's such a pretty card and a clever sentiment as well ♥♥

Christina said...

Pretty card and I love the sentiment. I agree yard sales stink. I am glad you are getting some orders and I hope you do well on your spring event,

Kathy W said...

funny one!

Amber said...

this card is super cute! hope that you have a great stressfree weekend

Anonymous said...

Cute card!
SamSpice - SwapBot

Stevie Merryweather said...

Cute Card!