Sunday, February 8, 2009

The boys at play

Hi everyone. I have a little sad news today. First of all, Mamaw passed away on Friday. I know it was for the best given the situation, but it is still very hard. I've only known her for 10 years and I know it's hard for me to take, so I can only imagine how everyone else is doing. Please keep our family in your prayers. Also, one of our young men at church found is father dead at his house yesterday evening. This young man is quite a leader at the age of 19 and from what I've heard handled the situation with a faith that seemed beyond his years. Be in prayer for him and his 14 year old sister. Their dad was one of those always there behind the scenes kind of guy who I think was only in his 50's, so this situation is very difficult.

Now, to try to brighten the mood a little, I have some pictures of the boys playing yesterday. Joey built a Lincoln Log house all by himself while Anthony played in the toybox, occasionally trying to see Space Chimps on the tv.

I hope yall have a great afternoon. Maybe I'll be back later with some pictures of some of my projects from this weekend. Oh yeah, the tags I made back on this post, I won the award in that swap for most creative!

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Wendy said...

They sure look like they are having fun, Handsome young lads you have jen
I have left you an award on my blog