Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's almost Friday!!!

Hey yall. It's been a busy week here. On Tuesday evening the boys and I made Valentines for their classes. Here's a picture of Anthony and one of his Valentines.

On Wednesday I had several orders to take care of. One of the guys in our mailroom at work asked me to make a card for his wife's birthday. The next day another mailroom guy asked me to make Valentines for his wife, 21 month old daughter, and 6 & 9 year old sons. I also had some glassware to make plus I had to finish making stuff for the Swap-Bot "Random Surprises" swap I joined. Here are the cards I made.

Tonight I had more glass pieces to make plus lots of Amish friendship bread. Tomorrow I'll post some of the stuff I made for the swap. Yall have a good evening!


Christina said...

The cards are great man you are getting lots of requests. That's awesome

Jessica said...

jenn i'm super impressed! you're sooooo talented! will i see you tomorrow?

Kathy W said...

smile is worth a million-lol I just bought friendship bread at church and they gave me the starter- get to pass mine around on Sunday!

AndreaB said...

These cards are great! You are getting so creative!