Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Mail days

Hey yall! Just wanted yall to know what a happy mail weekend I had. Friday night when I got home I found these 2 cards in the mail from my Big Sis.

This first one is a sympathy card from our recent losses.
This second one is just a happy spring card. I LOVE cats, so this is probably my favorite card ever. It has little pieces of bling on the cat's collar and on the flower centers.

This one isn't really mail, but I was in the bed sick all day Valentine's Day. I got up to eat lunch and when I went to get back in the bed, Jason had put these flowers, this card, and a bag of Rolos on my pillow! This is our 10th Valentine's Day and for every single card-giving occasion Jason gets me a very wordy card that is so personalized sounding that it makes me think he knows someone at Hallmark. I noticed this card wasn't very much on words, but didn't think about it again until he brought it up. He bought this one because it looked handmade like the ones I make. Seriously, could he get any better? I picked him up some M&M cookies at a bake sale at work Friday and made him a card. He liked the card because it had John 3:16 with VALENTINE spelled with some of the letters. It's the one I made at my Heart 2 Home meeting at the end of January.

On Saturday, I got my package in from the Random Surprises swap I was in on Swap-Bot, the Pink Cat Studio images from a swap I did with someone in Australia, and the pin number to my new debit card (finally!). I really should send more happy mail because I know how much I love to receive it. I hope yall are having a great evening!


Ceal said...

sweet! love all the cards especially the Valentine John 3:16

Kathy W said...

TFS, very clever with John 3:16 to spell valentine

Anonymous said...

that is very clever! jason is so stinken well as you!