Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My trip to Michaels

Hey yall. After work today I went to the new Michael's that opened a few weeks ago. Wow, is it beautiful. I don't like that I have to start from scratch not konwing where anything is, but I'll eventually figure it out. I bought a few $1 items, including a chandelier stamp. Why? Who knows. The bright lights were obviously getting to me because I can actually picture myself using this new stamp. I bought several things for my SCS Lil Sis. I'm kinda tired so I don't think I'm gonna make anything tonight. The boys are all at church. I'm watching Knight Rider. It is totally not like the old one. The music starts out the same, but it's all downhill from there. This show is extremely cheesy. Of course, there's nothing else on tv. I'm probably fixina go to bed. I'm feeling better, but I'm still really tired. Thanks for checking out all my sick-leave cards. Yall have a great evening!

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