Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Monday's recap

Good evening! I wanted to share a little of our Monday with you. Yesterday evening we had some friends’ little boy come play for a little while so his parents and older brother could go out to dinner. The place they were going was like Harryhausen’s on Monsters, Inc—a Japanese type place where they prepare and cook the food in front of you. My boys were thrilled to have him over to play! They were practically fighting over his attention. All he wanted was to play with the balls. Obviously he takes better pics than my crazies. Here are Joey, Gabe, and Anthony.

Our other major event last night was Joey’s tooth. His lower front tooth has been loose for a while now, but he won’t even let us touch it. Last night I noticed that whenever he opened his mouth, the tooth would lay forward onto his lip. I could see the bottom of the tooth. I decided it had to come out. We told him if we didn’t get it out we’d have to go to the hospital and get a shot to get it out. We told him it had to come out before he went to sleep or he would choke and die. (Yes, we were getting a bit dramatic.) He said he was ok with dying, that since he had Jesus in his heart he could go to heaven and see all his great-grandparents, so it would be alright. After many attempts of me trying to just wiggle his tooth, he let me touch it with a washcloth. It stuck to the cloth and came out. Of course at that point he started acting like it was no big deal. Then it came time to lay down. He was almost crying when he asked if he could leave the tooth somewhere besides under his pillow because he didn’t want to accidentally wake up and see the tooth fairy. Yep, he’s a fraidy cat like his momma. We left it on the counter instead. Then he started telling me about how his teacher asks every morning who lost a tooth the night before. So far, October is the record month with 13. January had 11. For February his tooth will only be #2 so far. I love being an accountant more every day. Can you imagine??? It's kinda hard to tell in the picture because the grown up tooth is so big, but the missing tooth is on the right.

Monday was also a great mail day. I've been doing Stampin' Up surveys for the past 3 months and yesterday I got my box of free goodies in the mail. I got the Eastern Blooms stamp set, Eastern Elegance rub-ons, and Certainly Celery stamp pad.

Finally, I'd like to share a Valentine I made last week using my Cuttlebug. The middle one is just an embellishment I've had for a while. The red squares on each side were made with the Cuttlebug die and embossing folder that came with it.

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for sharing your blog link with me via Swap-Bot. I've enjoyed reading about your crafts and your family. Your boys are adorable! :)

-Jessmarie @ Swap-bot

Christina said...

LOL OHH out of the mouths of babes. That had me rolling this morning. I am alright with God I am cool with it. LOL Love it!!!!
The card is super cute whats with the metallics today I have to wonder. I see a lot out there today!

Shelly Koskinen said...

Your kids are so cute! Great job on the card!

Kathy W said...

so many goodies from funny kids to great prizes!