Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This flu-like viral thing I've had since Friday night almost did me in tonight. I've stayed in the bed or on the couch for so long that I almost went crazy. I had to get out, so I went to Walgreen's. How sad is that? I was really hoping for some Reese's peanut butter hearts on clearance, but instead bought some Reese's peanut butter eggs. I don't really want any right now and haven't eaten any yet, but I can guarantee that when I feel better, I'll thank myself for buying those. I am going back to work tomorrow. I can't quarantine myself in this house any longer and I think I'm better. I did try to work on a few cards on and off this weekend to distract myself from feeling sick. Anthony helped me take pictures tonight, then I had to re-take pictures so you could actually see the cards. I'll share them over the next several days, starting now. Of course I'm gonna post the Anthony version and the official version.

I received this Bella from a recent swap I did. The flowered layer is vellum. I originally colored this one to make a Valentine, but changed my mind.

Isn't he precious! He loves to help me take pictures.

As I'm sure you can tell, I wasn't feel great when I made this one. I think the polka-dotted ribbon is the worst part of this card, but oh well, they can't all be great.

I hope yall are having a great evening. I'm going to bed so I can rest up for the real world tomorrow.


Christina said...

the polka dots carry the themes. But I agree they can not all be master pieces and when you read my SBS group challenge for sun you will see those days have been abounding

Jessica said...

I love the bella card! sooo cute! i want to come over and take pictures of ur cards for you :) I totally went to walgreens and got some reeces hearts... like two bags! but i ended up giving them to mom (decided one box of chocolates for me was all these hips could handle). I'm glad you're feeling better!

love you!