Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tag Swap

Happy Sunday to you! I decided today was the day I would make the 7 tags for the birthday tag swap I'm in on SCS. It's kinda weird--they're not due until 2/1, so it's almost like I'm not procrastinating. I've really been nervous about them because this is my first creative swap. I've done plenty of image swaps, but on those you just stamp the image and let the receiver do the rest. I ended up going forty different directions before ending up with the final product. I like them, but they are definitely not what I had in mind.

The large tag, small tag, and presents were made with the Stretch Your Imagination cartridge on the Cricut. The truck and sentiment (driving by with a birthday Hi!) are Stampin' Up's Loads of Love and Loads of Love Accessories. I colored the trucks with Prismacolors & OMS and then cut them out. The truck is raised on pop dots to make room for the presents. The ribbon is from the dollar bin at Michael's. I went with pretty much all the primary colors so that the tag could be used on almost any present.

And now, for the update on my personal side. I kinda hestitate to put this on my blog, but it's easier than trying to explain it separately to everyone who asks me why I'm acting weird. In December my dr. put me on a beta blocker to help lower my heart rate, which got up to 160 while I was wearing the Holter monitor. Because the medicine made me feel like I was trying to wake up from a coma each morning (take it at night), he told me to start taking 1/2 of one each night. When I went to the cardiologist, she took me off caffeine. I hadn't really been doing that until Jan1, and I'm not loving it. Jason bought me root beer and sprite because I missed the carbonation. In the midst of all this, I'm also getting off my anti-depressants (with the help of my dr.) , which is making me nauseated. In general, I feel tired, yucky, have a constant headache, and don't really want to be around people. This will all pass and hopefully I will feel much better in the end, but the end seems so far away right now. I think that about covers my Jekyll and Hyde personality lately.

Hopefully I'll get time to post some more creations this week, but with school starting back and this being year-end close at work, who knows. Yall have a good week!


Christina said...

OHH Hugs we are here waiting for you to feel normal again! Take your time. I am just now getting there so I feel your pain!

Julie's Crafty Corner said...

Lovely tags Jenn!
I hope you feel better soon Jenn, sending you a big hug from the UK!


Kathy W said...

they are fun and bright tags! good way to start of the year and get them done.
sorry to hear about your medical issues, I don't think I would survive without my morning caffeine! selter water with flavoring are pretty good too!

Sally said...

Great tags, love them.

I hope you start to feel better soon, I have some idea of how hard the changing of all medication can be, as my Mum has MS and had a major change of things, and has gone through a tough patch over the last few months. Thinking of you, take it one day at a time.

Happy New Year to you, I hope 2009 brings you happiness and health.

Sally x x x