Monday, January 5, 2009

New Toys!

Welp, I bought me a Cuttlebug yesterday and a few more embossing folders. I used one of my new folders and a Fluffles to make a card for my Secret Sis on SCS last night. Hopefully she doesn't read my blog. I kinda doubt she does. I had never heard of her before getting her name.

I'm so glad the glitter on the end of his wand shows up in this picture. I can't post long--after I eat my fish sticks I get to play board games with the family. They're playing Chutes & Ladders, Sesame Street edition right now and it does not sound like a pretty game. I hope yall get to have as much fun as me this evening--I LOVE board games! Ok, they're yelling again. Gotta go.


Anna Banana said...

Congrats on your Cuttlebug! I am addicted to mine! I love what you did with the card - I never think to round my corners and I like that look so much - I should remember to do that more this year!

See ya later!
Anna Banana

Kerry D-C said...

aaaaaaawww!!! super CUTE!! I got some super cute images recently from you....THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! that was so sweet of you!! (((hugs)))

Christina said...

Love the card! I need to invest in cittlebug folders!

Anita said...

Cute card! I love all the circles.