Sunday, January 18, 2009

Joey's Baptism

Hey yall. Joey got baptized this morning at church. He was so cute! The water was up to his chin until he got to the block the kids stand on in the baptistry. I am so proud of my big boy. He was saved several months back and scheduled a baptism date, but got scared and cancelled. This week he said he thought he was ready. He's been practicing in the bathtub. Here are some pictures.

I am so excited that Joey is moving forward in his relationship with Christ. Have a great afternoon!


tess said...

i'm so proud of joey! i've been sick yesterday and today so i missed church this morning....and i missed alot! my boys went with my in-laws and blake came home and told me joey was baptized and is gonna go to heaven! blake's been asking lots of questions and bro. waymond came by and talked with him, but he's not quite ready to take that step just yet. we're encouraging him....and when he understands a little more and feels comfortable he said he would "get Jesus to live inside his heart"! y'all pray for him, too! tell joey i hate i missed his baptism!

Anonymous said...

Your post about your son being baptist just tore my heart right open. what a true blessing to see our children recognizing the greatness of God and making their own personal decision to walk in his footsteps.
Blessing to your family!

AndreaB said...

I am so sorry we missed his baptism! You didn't tell me he was being baptized today. We were at early service, but left afterwards.

Christina said...

AWWWW this is so great thanks for sharing it!