Friday, January 23, 2009

Valentine cards

Happy Friday to everyone. I'm gonna share some Valentine cards with yall today. They didn't exactly turn out the way I imagined, but that's ok. The first one is my attempt at a manly love day card. It's kinda corny, but that's ok.

Don't blame me--I warned you up front it was not my best. Then I made a card using an image I recently received in an image swap.

Better than the "nuts" card, but still lacking something. Or everything. I can redeem myself though--I have pictures of Anthony eating spaghetti (who needs a fork when you have all your fingers???)

It looks like he even shared with the polar bear on his shirt. Don't you just want to squeeze him! Well, after his bath. We've got our Dave Ramsey class at church tonight and the boys have their "party" at church. The trick is to not call it babysitting. Instead, call it a party. Yall have a good evening. Hopefully I'll make some better Valentine cards this weekend.

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