Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dirtbike Birthday Card

Good evening! Sorry I didn't get to post last night. I worked later than normal and was tired by the time I got home. I've got a few pictures to show you tonight of a card Diane at work asked me to make for her grandson Charlie's 17th birthday. He loves to ride his dirtbike so she wanted that to be the theme. She brought me some pictures of him. I also contacted a fellow blogger whose son is a dirtbiker and she sent me some awesome images to use. Here's the card.

I used two of the same picture on the front so I could raise up the main image on pop dots. I made the envelope match the card.

I also made this a pop-up card with his picture on the inside. The Happy Birthday is from Stampin' Up's Alphabet Soup set.

In other news, my secret sister sent me another card. She said she saw the frog, it reminded her of the poem about little boys, and she thought of my boys.

Thanks Big Sis!!! By the way, she reads my blog, which I think is cool. I hope yall have a happy Thursday evening. We're starting Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University at church tomorrow night, so I might not post. If I don't, I'll catch back up with yall on Saturday!


Christina said...

Wow loving that card perfect for a boy. And cute froggie card when you find out who secret sis is make sure she knows I love it!

Wendy said...

this card is stunning must of taken ages,

Mothermark said...

OMG! You did such a great job with the images....what a fun customized! This will be one of the cards he received that he truly will be thrilled with! If he is like my son, he loves to be thrilled! Giggle!

Wonderful job you did! Thanks for giving me a heads up that you posted this!

Have a great weekend!

PS...the frog cards is a kick too!

wendy G said...

This is too cool! Love it!!!