Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cricut Glass Etching - Items for Sale

Good evening yall! Aunt Pat and I had a wonderful day today browsing through Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and Dollar Tree. I wish I had a whole week off to spend with her. I do have a big announcement for everyone--I am now starting to sell my etched items! Most pieces are $6 each and can be personalized with various items. Here are some I have already made.

The 2 small votive cups are $3 each. The colored paper is in all of the items to help the etching show up better in the pictures. If any of you are interested in buying a piece or two or twelve, let me know. I haven't checked into shipping prices yet because I'm not sure if anyone will be interested in buying. To be honest, I haven't sold any pieces yet, but I just brought them to work this week to try to sell them. I have or can get many other types of glass, so let me know if you want something not pictured. My personal favorite is the tall vase with the grasshopper on a blade of grass. I'm gonna get to work making a few more wine glasses to bring to work tomorrow. Hopefully I'll sell some. Have a great evening!


Christina said...

Beautiful. Unfortuantly I am on a spending freeze!

Sally said...

Great etching, I hope this takes off for you.

Diane said...

Hi Jennifer, you're one of my swap-bot blogs to visit. I enjoyed reading about your new venture into glass etching and I admire you for getting up the courage to try sell your glasses. What a great story your nightmare at the dentist is! I loved reading it. Your two little boys are precious and it won't be too long until they are crafting with you! It was also fun to visit some of your favourite blogs.
All the best