Friday, January 30, 2009

Joey's handwriting

Happy Friday morning to yall! Of course I'm actually typing this on Wednesday night, but you won't see it until Friday. I love having the ability to schedule! Today I wanted to share with yall the saga of Joey's handwriting. Last year (kindergarten) he did excellent learning to write. This year, the amount of handwriting required just about quadrupled, so his handwriting quickly turned to little boy chicken scratch. Here are 2 examples from his homework.

We've been trying to get him to slow down and do better, be he continued to get C's and D's on his handwriting tests every week. About 2 weeks ago, he got an F. We grounded him from the Wii and his DS until he brought home an A or B. Last Friday he brought home a D. Still not acceptable, so still grounded. Starting this past Tuesday, he miraculously developed legible handwriting. Here are 2 examples.

Somebody wants his Nintendo stuff back! He still has first grade boy handwriting, but it's much better.

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