Saturday, January 24, 2009

New card from Big Sis

Good evening yall! First of all I want to share with you the card I got from my Big Sis today.

I just LOVE Elzybells and this was the first time I saw one IRL. I'm kinda tired, so I think that's it for this post. Being domestic just really wears me out. I helped clean out closets this evening and I baked some Amish Friendship bread. It smells wonderful. Its one of those that begins with a starter that you get from someone else (Aunt Pat in my case). Yall have a good evening.


AndreaB said...

I used to make the amish friendship bread when Jay & I lived in Downsville. I had so many starters at one point, that I could make about 10 batches & STILL have starters left!! I was very good though.

Kathy W said...

like the saying with it!