Saturday, January 17, 2009

I have the BEST BIG SIS!!!

Hey yall. Happy Saturday! Just a quick post. Jason's parents are here to visit. We went to the ag expo today after lunch. Anthony didn't want to leave because there were a few tractors he hadn't sat on yet. Yesterday I got the cutest card from my big sis. Then today when we got home from the ag expo there was a package at my door from her!

I love how the message pulls out! I'm gonna have to try making one of these. Now on to my box of goodies.

The little t-shirt is from Jolee's boutique and says Top of the Crop. It has a picture of a little pair of scissors on it and is hanging on a little hanger. Here's the card that she sent.

Yet another thing I will have to try. The top layer is vellum. Only the Happy Valentine's Day is stamped on the vellum. The rest is stamped on the cardstock layer. Thanks so much "Sharon!" I need to go now since I have company, but I had to share.


Christina said...

WOW you have a great big sis! Loving the goodies!

Kathy W said...

wow what fun mail, she's great!

Anonymous said...

lovely card